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God is still on the move! We aren't centered around a given building. 






Dear Real Life Family,

Since 1998, Real Life Ministries has been used by God to reach untold numbers for Christ in Kootenai County. Over the past three and a half years God has used the Real Life North Campus to reach into the smaller communities in the north, serving and connecting people to Jesus. We continue seeing God doing amazing things through our community partnerships. We are providing food, school supplies, clothes, financial support, firewood, and other practical resources to minister to those in need. We are investing in the lives of children, teens, hurting families, and marriages.

We are extremely grateful to the Lakeland School District for allowing us to rent Timberlake High School to hold our Worship Services. While the High School is a blessing, the amount of work each week to set up and tear down for services has taken a toll on our greatest resource, our people and limits the ministry we are able to do. A permanent facility would be a great help, enabling us to focus on what matters most: discipleship and ministry to our communities. Building a facility does not change our vision nor our mission, it will simply be a tool to enable far more ministry to our region.

Our goal for building is two-fold; first to better facilitate reaching this area for Jesus Christ and second to provide a much needed place in which our communities can gather and be served. Through the generosity of a Real Life family and our elders, we now have 20 acres on Highway 54 on which we have started building. This location is half-way between the two primary regions we minister to, including Spirit Lake to the west, Athol to the east, and the surrounding communities. We have recently broken ground and anticipate a completed build sometime in 2022. Therefore, we invite you to partner with us by giving so that we can see this building project through to completion.

At Real Life, we believe each person God brings to us has an important role to play. From the start, we have challenged our people to “get off the bench and get in the game.” We are committed to God’s Kingdom work, equipping each person to make disciples and minister to the needs of our neighbors.

 We are therefore asking you to: 

- Commit to do your part with Real Life to reach the community for Jesus.
- Prayerfully consider budgeting to give above your tithe to help fund this building project.
- Pray for the North Campus to continue to reach our region for Jesus, through God’s grace.

 As we enter this new phase of ministry in the North, we remember that we exist for God’s Kingdom purposes. All our effort will only matter if He leads and we follow Him. I look forward to witnessing God's work with you in the North, reaching the world for Jesus one person at a time. Let’s keep our eyes on HIM!

Jim Blazin and the North Campus Staff

"We want to invite you to experience what God is doing amongst us!"

- Jim Blazin

"The building is not the end goal, ministry is happening right now!"

- Patrick Annotti

"The foundation being built isn't from the building, but rather our testimony of the gospel in our lives."

- Jim Blazin

"It's not about the building, but having the ability to do ministry every day, to have the doors open not just on a Sunday morning, is important."

- Cory Speer