Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts - SYMBIS - Fall 2022

“I knew we weren’t supposed to be married, but too much money had already been spent on the ceremony and reception. Invitations had gone out. It would’ve been too embarrassing and hard to break the engagement.” This story is a great example of why pre-engagement/marital counseling is of great value. Research shows that pre-marital/engagement counseling decreases the chance of divorce by 30%. Whether you are engaged or just getting serious in your relationship come and prepare.

Class Dates: Sunday mornings, October 2nd -November 13th (7wks)

Class Start Time:  11:30am

Class Location:  Building 2, Room 210

Fee for the class and assessment is $30

Participants will need to take the SYMBIS assessment which will be emailed to participants 1 week before the start of class. Be watching for that email!!

If you have any questions, please contact Jeani Waco at

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